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If a peer-reviewed article is published and not open-access, the working paper link

below is NOT the same as the final article (i.e., new theorizing, additional analysis,

or new studies likely appear in the published article version).

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"The Emergence and Evolution of Consumer Language Research"

Packard, G. and Berger, J. (2024)

Published Article (Free / Open Access)

"Style, Content, and the Success of Ideas"

Boghrati, R., Berger, J., and Packard, G. (2023)

Published Article


Packard, G., Li, Y., and Berger, J (title simplified as research is in the review process) (2023)

Working Paper

"How Verb Tense Shapes Persuasion"

Packard, G., Berger, J., and Boghrati, R. (2023)

Published Article (Free / Open Access)

"Wisdom from Words: The Psychology of Consumer Language"

Berger, J. and Packard, G. (2023)

Published Article

"Marketing Insights from Text Analysis"

Berger, J., Packard, G., Boghrati, R., Hsu, M., Humphreys, A., Luangrath, A., Moore, S., Nave, G., Olivola, C., and Rocklage, M. (2022)

Published Article

"Expression Modalities: How Speaking versus Writing Shapes Word of Mouth"

Berger, J., Rocklage, M. D., and Packard, G. (2022)

Published Article | Working Paper

"Using Natural Language Processing to Understand People and Culture"

Berger, J. and Packard, G. (2022)

Published Article

"How Concrete Language Shapes Customer Satisfaction"

Packard, G. and Berger J. (2021)

Published Article (Free / Open Access) 

"Thinking of You: How Second Person Pronouns Shape Cultural Success"

Packard, G. and Berger, J. (2020)

Published Article | Working Paper

"Many Labs 2: Investigating Variation in Replicability Across Sample and Setting"

Klein et al. (Packard, G. one of 185 replication lab collaborators) (2018)

Published Article

"Are Atypical Things More Popular?"

Berger, J. and Packard, G. (2018)

Published Article | Working Paper

“(I’m) Happy to Help (You): The Impact of Personal Pronoun Use in Customer-Firm Interactions”

Packard, G., Moore, S. G., and McFerran, B. (2018)

Published Article | Working Paper

"Everywhere and at All Times: Mobility, Consumer Decision Making, and Choice"

Laurie, N., Berger, J., Chen, Z., Li, B., Liu, B., Mason, C., Muir, D., Packard, G., Pancras, J., Schlosser, A., Sun, B., Venkatesan, R. (2018)

Published Article | Working Paper

“How Language Shapes Word of Mouth’s Impact,”

Packard, G. and Berger, J. (2017)

Published Article | Working Paper

“When Boastful Word of Mouth Helps Versus Hurts Social Perceptions and Persuasion”

Packard, G., Gershoff, A. and Wooten, D. B. (2016)

Published ArticleWorking Paper

“The Role of Network Embeddedness in Film Success”

Packard, G., Aribarg, A., Eliashberg, J. and Foutz, N. Z. (2016)

Published Article | Working Paper

“Social Dollars: The Economic Impact of Consumer Participation in a Firm-Sponsored Online Customer Community"

Manchanda, P., Packard, G., and Pattabhiramaiah, A. (2015)

Published Article | Working Paper

“Investigating Variation in Replicability: A “Many Labs” Replication Project"

Klein, R. A. et al. [Packard, G. one of 47 secondary co-authors] (2014)

Published Article | Working Paper

“Compensatory Knowledge Signaling in Consumer Word-of-Mouth"

Packard, G. and Wooten, D. B. (2013)

Published Article | Working Paper